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About Us

"Helping hearts heal through the power of compassion"

My Story


I came away from the first event with the realization that I was not the only woman that was healing from a traumatic experience.  There were other women at different stages of their journey.  Some just starting, some struggling through, others that had found peace and were moving forward. All of whom had benefitted from a day of laughter, encouragement and interaction. 


Our mission is to provide an environment for women, where positive interaction and uplifting communication facilitates personal growth.  We believe in our vision; transforming lives through open dialogue.  Every year, we host a brunch at an in town location.  These Taste and See events are designed for women, and feature various topics such as Faith, Healing, The Power of Connection, Enlarge My Territory, and Challenge yourself; mind body and spirit. These events are held at no charge to our guests, and we cater to the diversity that Atlanta is known for.

"Be a part of something bigger - Join us at!"

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